Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus: Les Nuits en Or 2016.


Les Nuits en Or 2016
The Panorama – 33 films 32 countries 37 directors


Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus, Wien. 
6. Juni bis 7. Juni 2016


The 6th and 7th of June 2016, the Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus (FREIES KINO) opens its doors to the Académie des César and the Austrian Film Academy, to host the 2016 edition of the Panorama des Nuits en Or.


An exceptional program that brings together all the short films rewarded during the year by their National Film Academy (Oscar, César, Goya, BAFTA …).

The Panorama is an extraordinary journey around the world of cinema, enabling the discovery of different cultures and tomorrow’s filmmakers.

The Panorama is hosted by 10 Film Academies across several major cities: Brussels, Luxembourg, Madrid, Stockholm, Lisbon, Athens, Roma, Paris and new this year, Vienna and Montreal!

A unique opportunity for National Film Academies to initiate an innovative cooperation, shedding light on the diversity of worldwide films and participate, in their own way, in the exchange between cultures.

Austrian Film Academy
Akademie des Österreichischen Films

Association pour la Promotion du Cinéma


Das Programm hier:

17:30 Roundtable

Austrian Film Academy in cooperation with the Académie des César. Presentation of the world´s best short films: THE GOLDEN NIGHTS. For the first time in Austria!
Kurt Brazda (Director, FREIES KINO)
Gerhard Ertl (Director, Board Member Austrian Film Academy)
Karl Markovics (Director, Actor, Board Member Austrian Film Academy)
Karina Ressler (Editor)
Marlene Ropac (Managing Director Austrian Film Academy)

Renault commercial 00:45 min
Encontradouro Portugal 22:02 min
Ernie Biscuit Australia 21:05 min
L’Ours Noir Belgium 16:06 min
Rockmount Ireland 13:55 min
Rainbow Party Island 16:37 min
Kacey Mottet Klein,
naissance d’un acteur Switzerland 14:36 min
20:45 Break

April Fool’s Israel 26:25 min
Ramona Mexico 15:12 min
Thriller Italy 16:26 min
Furiant Czech Republic 26:44 min
Quenottes Luxembourg 12:35 min
The Photographers South Korea 16:10 min
The Death of A Security Guard Taiwan 24:57 min
Operator UK 06:31 min
La Contre-allée France 30:01 min
Verboden Vlucht Netherland 56:02 min
End 0:50


Renault commercial 00:47 min
The Ballad Of Immortal Joe Canada 06:14 min
Aaranyak India 22:10 min
Maurice Canada (Quebec) 13:33 min
Bunker Norway 31:13 min
Ramona Romania 21:33 min
Alles wird gut Austria 30:05 min
21:00 Break

Le Repas Dominical France 14:33 min
Nommer 37 South Africa 25:33 min
Fig Greece 13:20 min
Alike Spain 08:01 min
My Father’s Truck Brazil 16:15 min
Miškas Lithuania 12:17 min
Twaaga Burkina Faso 31:36 min
On Air Germany 20:53 min
Stutterer US 12:53 min
Home Sweet Home Danemark 27:33 min
Kung Fury Sweden 32:15 min
End 0:50



Juni 2016
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